Why Should Online Marketers Beware Of “Twitterholics”

The social networking sites are fast reaching their saturation with countless users swarming on them day and night and over-exploiting the site for their own benefits. “Twitterholic” is the new term that has appeared in the Web generating awareness among business owners who harness the networking potential to promote their businesses. However, overuse is just the reverse of practical use and hence online marketers should be aware of Twitterholics as their activities can have negative impacts on a business reputation. Baffled after hearing only positive feedback about social networks?

If you run an online marketing company, the first thing to check on about your employees is if you have an overly enthusiastic Twitter user among them. Twitterholics can be quite damaging to your business reputation, as much as to the others who entrust their repute on you. They invariably update statuses more often than it is necessary, which is definitely detrimental to the goodwill of a business in the online sphere.

The reason why businesses should have a remarkable presence on Twitter and other popular social networking platforms is that people often turn to them to find out more details about a particular company. However, in order to keep their social networking profiles updated, marketers make random updates, which may quite often concern their personal life too. This can have hazardous influence on the brand image.

Most Twitterholics are of the opinion that they should share and make viral whatever information they think to be good. Its relevance to the brand is certainly not ignorable, at first. But when the pressure of frequent updating starts to dominate, one happens to forget about making a difference between the necessary and unnecessary. As a result, people would definitely stop visiting your page when they find the updates repeated or uninteresting.

Besides, when you create a social network page for your business, you have an option to write something about a company in the “about you” section. In most cases, those marketers who have Twitterholics in their team end up by creating an inflated profile about a person instead of writing about a brand. This won’t bring any good, because a visitor interested in your business profile will definitely hope to learn more about your company rather than about its employees’ interests. Hence, it will make them want to quit the profile and most likely never return again.

Another thing making Twitterholics a strict no-no for your marketing strategy is that they make too many efforts to promote a company. Promoting is good when you need increase your sales, but overdoing certainly leads to negative consequences instead. The profile will be treated as spammed one if you overuse a platform. Consequently, visitors will quit following it and the search engines will exclude it from top ranks.

So, make sure that you invite only the most experienced marketers into your team to achieve a goal successfully.


  • by Jane Williams

    Hello Jessica,
    I do agree with the idea, that employees being too carried away by active participation in social network life, one day may do much harm to business and quite often absolutely unintentionally! Thanks for the post! By the way, I find your blog rather informative and will add it to my favorites to follow!

  • by James Winfield

    As an internet marketer, personal branding is important. People don’t care about what you know until they know how much you care. I don’t recommend talking about your business at all. Build rapport with people. Listen to what they say and see if you can offer a solution to a problem they have. Post quality content that will help others. Personal posts are okay but as you said, nothing that will destroy your brand.

    • by Jessica Elmore

      First of all, I would like to thank you for what you have visited my blog. Therefore, with time, the content of my blog will be more recommendatory by character and each reader will find interesting facts and tips!