Which Marketing Strategy Proves To Be Successful

Which Marketing Strategy Proves To Be Successful?

All the world market leaders apply various marketing strategies, enabling them to make use one’s own competitive advantages in the best way. However, there is a common marketing strategy everybody is advised to follow. The formula of overall marketing strategy is simple, i.e. it’s dealing with what you can sell and not selling what you can do. This strategy is used in industrial, commercial and financial companies. Besides, representatives of agricultural business and many others use it actively too. No doubt, that it differs depending on the field of business a company is involved into.

For example, successful manufacturers used the strategy called “produce the thing that you can sell, and not sell what you can produce.” Accordingly, trading companies used a “buy that you can sell, and not sell what you can buy” strategy. In turn, representatives of agrarian business used a “grow what you can sell, and not what you can grow” strategy, etc. In general, the sense of overall marketing strategy is that you should always be focused on the market meeting consumers’ demands, rather than on your own desires and views.

In practice, the overall marketing approach gives excellent results. However, not everybody  understands it. Some use the opposite strategy “die, but sell.” Obviously, it’s in human’s nature to wait until all of the investments will be paid off completely. People don’t like to lose in general. Hence, they will keep waiting to get a profit as long as possible until they lose their last penny. Moreover, they are likely to never admit it, following the principle hope against hope.

Despite the prevalence and availability of already worked out marketing strategies, still there are companies that use such an approach. They tend to produce or purchase goods more than necessary, or produce goods of not appropriate quality and then try to sell them out following the statement “die, but sell.” The principle is good because it creates a strong motivation and finally brings some results. But as a rule, the strategy of “make what you can sell and do not sell what you can make” is much more profitable then “die, but sell” method.

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