What Should be the Length of the Best Online Posts?

Do you want to make your online posts especially attractive? Are you wondering about the optimal length of the posts that generate maximum user engagement? You are likely to know that the most successful posts should be of certain length. Although you may feel good at writing long wordy prose, it may not create the right impression on your audience.

Here are some guidelines on ideal online post length able to help you attract more readers.

Twitter Posts

According to the twitter best practices reference site, the most effective length of a twitter post is 100 characters. Tweets that are 100 characters long get 17% higher engagement rate. Track social, an independent social media analysis site, claimed that tweets that are between 71-100 characters long get the biggest number of retweets.

Facebook Posts

Facebook posts of 80 characters or less receive 66% higher engagement. Jeff Bullas found that 40 is the magic number that creates the highest user engagement of Facebook posts. He studied engagement rates of major retail brands and found that ultra short posts get much more “likes” and “shares” in contrast to longer ones.

Blog Posts

Blog posts of expert online bloggers vary in length from very long posts (Neil Patel style) to just a few short paragraphs (Seth Godin style). However, most studies claim that longer blogs get more user engagement than shorter ones.  Moz, a reputable name in SEO, found that longer posts on its site are linked more often than shorter posts. Ideally, blog post length should be between 800 – 1600 words to create maximum user engagement.

Apart from blog post length, you should also know the optimum length of paragraphs, sentences, and titles of online blog posts. The average length of a sentence should be 12 words. Also, each paragraph should contain no more than four sentences for maximum effectiveness. In addition, each line of the paragraph should contain from 40 to 55 characters. Finally, the headlines of online blog posts should be less than 8 words to easily catch online users’ attention.

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