What is Internet-marketing

Internet marketing which is also called online-marketing is a component of e-commerce. It may include such parts as online integration, information management, PR, customer support service and sales.

E-commerce and Internet marketing have become popular with the expansion of access to the Internet and is must have part of any marketing campaign.

Get to know what is Internet marketing

The main advantages of Internet marketing are: interactivity, opportunities of most accurate targeting, opportunity of post-click analysis. These main features lead to the maximization of indicators such as the site conversion and ROI of online advertising.

Internet Marketing includes such elements of the system as:

-          media advertising

-          contextual advertising

-          search engine marketing in general and SEO

-          promotion using social networks: SMO and SMM

-          direct marketing using email, RSS, etc.

-          viral marketing

-          guerilla Marketing

Internet branding

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