What is common between Mid-Century Design and UX design

User experience design takes into consideration the usual computer interaction and extends it by addressing all aspects of a product or service as perceived by users. In this process, the flow of the product is improved, design flaws revised; all in an effort to make the end product feel sleek and look stylish. Analysis by design management studio shows how design driven companies outperformed others by 228%. By designing one of a kind experiences, they out-sell their competitors and earn more profit.

Verner Panton, a design revolutionary, once said: “you sit more comfortably on colors you like”. How does this reflect on modern day design, and might this be useful in your online marketing strategies?

The answer lies in understanding user experience. how design can impact cognitive sciences and decisions. UX is more of a subjective field making it difficult to conduct accurate analysis of UX efforts and initiatives. Although, a drop in bounce rates would suggest improved user experience, user experience design is about improving the usability, user friendliness, and satisfaction provided when the product is used.

A good UX designer,

● Makes the clients’ vision his own.
● Performs detailed research balancing design and usability at optimum level.
● Comes up with ideas, studies trends, and communicates effectively.
● Creates prototypes, and tests them by assuming the role of a user.
● Has a great up to date knowledge of human psychology.

If you have ever seen Mid-Century designs, you will notice one thing immediately, there will always be random high contrast colors, shapes, and crudely drawn drawings. They seem more abstract than art, but they are simple yet eye catching and get the message across to the user. The idea is, “appealing to senses via minimalism”, compared to the more modern designs of our day . This mid century trend is coming back as more and more people prefer less cluttered designs, web portals, and garments. Mainly due to the ever-narrowing attention span, but change is the only constant in life so mid-century design coming around isn’t all that big a surprise.

In conclusion, the UX designers that conduct in depth research and come up innovative ideas are truly gifted artists, in the way they harmonize mid-century minimalism and 21st century user-friendliness in a unique and fluid fashion.


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