What Contributes To A Blogger’s Success? Learn From An Interview With A Blogging Expert, Adam Connell!


Why are you so anxious to know experts’ opinion about anything you are involved into?

Perhaps you need helpful advice to overcome some obstacles successfully or avoid possible mistakes and failures in the future. And it’s quite natural, isn’t it?

The same is true about me. Once, I decided to try my luck and ask a highly skilled blogger to share acquired experience. And as you must have guessed by the headline, it’s Adam Connell,  a very reputable blogger and founder of Blogging Wizard. It worth saying, that Adam has a huge expertise not only in blogging, but in marketing as well, and it seems to me, it helped him a great deal in hitting a home run!

Being working hard for more than 6 years, Adam has grown his knowledge a lot to share with  you thousands of practical tips to enlarge conversion of your blog, enhance your social media presence, effectively monitor your competitors, make use of keyword research tools, and so on and so forth. Moreover, Adam’s expertise is also very much appreciated by such well-known blogs as: Search Engine Journal, Boost Blog Traffic, KISSmetrics and Problogger. Isn’t it impressive?

Well, you are sure to have grown a little impatient about reading the interview, right?

So, let’s get started:


Jessica: What life principles and personal qualities favor your success as a blogger?
Adam: I think this is slightly different for everyone, but for me, the following has helped:

  • • Patience – building a blog and growing a community takes time.
  • • Focus – I’m hyper focused on what I do and that really helps.
  • • Thirst to learn and develop – I see life as a learning experience, so for whatever I do, I want to learn to do it better.


Jessica: Whom would you advise to become a blogger? Why did you decide to join a blogging community?


Adam: We all have different motivations for becoming a blogger, more often than not; we don’t know we want to become a blogger until it actually happens.

When I first started out, my goal was to build a website for a record label that I was running from college. Without realizing it – a few months later I was blogging.

The main motivation that stands out to me is the desire to create change – whether it be change in the world as a whole or to change our lifestyle. A blog can help us do both.

Jessica: Being very popular, do you still have any blogging idol you would like to pattern after? Who is this person and why he/she means so much for you?

I wouldn’t say there is a single person that I look upto above all others – there are quite a few different bloggers that I follow. Each of which has their own unique voice and I learn something different from each one.

This includes the likes of Jon Morrow, Pat Flynn, Derek Halpern, Noah Kagan and Brian Dean.


Jessica: What do you consider to be your greatest achievement in blogging? Why?

Despite what I’ve been able to achieve with Blogging Wizard, I’ll always look back on what I was able to achieve back when I managed a marketing agency.

Within around 5 months of marketing a new service for 10 hours/month through blogging and contributing to other blogs, we were able to grow the service to a 5 figure/month business.


Jessica: What marketing tools helped you grow your business so quickly?

There are a few tools that stand out:

  • LeadPages– allows me to create landing pages in minutes.
  • SEMrush– handles on site audits and rank tracking but most importantly it tells me what keywords my competitors are ranking for.
  • Buffer– social media doesn’t get easier than this.
  • Canva– I’m big on visuals, this tool makes it easy to create images, graphics and presentations.


Jessica: In the “About” section you said that you’ve managed to build a lot of blogs in “various niches”. So, what niches have you chosen to grow in and why exactly these ones?

The main two were:

  • • Music – I was running a non-profit label at the time and the blog I had at the time (together with some other tactics) allowed us to rack up over 2.5 million downloads.
  • • Gaming – After I started to slow down with my music blog, a friend of mine asked me to work with him on a video game blog. We ended up growing this to 30+ regular contributors. We got on the press list for big gaming companies and gained some amazing opportunities.

Right now, my main focus is Blogging Wizard but I do have a few other projects in the pipeline.


Jessica: What failures made you progress?

In the early days, my biggest problem was self-belief.

I didn’t have the confidence in myself and my abilities. I knew what was possible but I didn’t know that I really had it in me.

After my record label had its first 100,000 music downloads in 4-6 months, that all changed.


Jessica: What would you advise to bloggers to do, so that they could always stay in trend?

Keep reading other blogs, keep networking with other bloggers, keep learning and keep developing yourself.

Don’t be afraid to try something new, just because it’s different.

Testing new tactics and strategies is the best way to drive things forward but never dismiss a tactic because you tried it once or twice and it didn’t work.

Find out why it doesn’t work – if it’s working for someone else then you need to figure out how to make it work for you.

Test, tweak, repeat and grow.


Jessica: What do you do to relax? Is there a special place on the Earth that recharges your batteries?

I don’t find much time to relax, but that’s out of choice.

I’m a workaholic and it’s rare that I have a day off. But working for myself means that I can take time out when I want or need to.

I do plan to take more time out in the future and explore the world.


Jessica: How do you manage to cope with so many things at a time, i.e. running a marketing agency, numerous blogs and constant self-improvement? Is there any magic involved?

The main thing that helps is that I really love what I do.

I also took the plunge and left the marketing agency I was running to focus on my own projects.

This has given me a lot of scope to focus more on my blogs and other projects that I’ve got in the works.

I wouldn’t say there’s any magic involved but you do have to work at keeping your mind focused and most importantly – inspired.

I have a daily routine that gets me into an amazing frame of mind, I change it frequently, but it usually involves:

  • • Watching my dream board – this is a presentation that has vivid images of everything I want from life.
  • • Listening Weightless by Marconi Union – scientists have dubbed this the most relaxing song ever.
  • • Staring at a white board – I have a white board in my office that has a list of my priorities and a project timeline. This helps me orientate myself and hone in on the important stuff.
  • • Watch something inspiring – I find a video of something that inspires me, it usually involves something marketing related. It’s different for everyone but it’s important to stay inspired.

I also have a weekly posting schedule for each of my blogs, with a default diary which I tweak every Sunday for the following week.


Jessica: What would you recommend blogging rookies to do first to achieve success in the future?


Adam: The first step towards success is clarity. Something I talked about in a recent blog post.

Be completely clear on what you want to achieve and how you plan to get there.

Whatever tactics/strategies you try out in the future need to help you achieve your goals – some strategies won’t help you as much as others do.


And A Few Words In Conclusion…


So, I’m sure it was useful for you to read. Should you also want to share your handy tricks on how to win recognition of blogging community, please feel free to contact me to negotiate the way we can cooperate! Your comments are appreciated, as usually.

Let’s keep in touch!


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