What Benefits Can Instagram Bring For Your Business?

Visual content is becoming more popular with many social media platforms and it is quite obvious why. Visual content is the most effective to capture attention instantly and this is why it is becoming increasingly popular for brands and organizations to design and leverage. The major shift to visual representations of almost EVERYTHING means that more and more businesses are putting in efforts to communicate visually with their followers and customers.

The most popular platform, which can help you leverage the power of visuals perfectly, is Instagram. With more than 150 million users, Instagram is the most used photo-sharing platform that allows you to share photos, and even short videos so your followers can stay updated with you.

According to a recent survey, more than 55 million photos are shared on Instagram every 24 hours and that means opportunities for your business!

Benefits To Businesses

Instagram packs a lot of solid benefits for businesses. The most important of those benefits are:

Better Engagement Opportunities

It is really easy to overlook a piece of branded content on your Facebook newsfeed and Twitter posts, but if you have an active Instagram account, the case is different. In fact, Instagram can generate up to 58 times more engagement compared to Facebook, which is more than a reason enough to start up with Instagram.

Creating A Backup Of Reliability

Branded content is highly popular for generating engagement, and one of the key advantages of using Instagram is that it helps you build trust. It is essential that you are able to build an emotional connection of trust and reliability with your audience if you are looking to sell. The fact that Instagram allows you to keep your audience updated about your brand with visual posts throughout the day builds your brand image as trustworthy, dependable, and legitimate.

To instant attention, you can also post pictures from behind the scenes like employees shoots and this trick works exceptionally well if you are a service provider.

Powerful Source Of Traffic

Although you cannot add clickable links to most of your Instagram posts, but maintaining an active profile on Instagram can help you generate tons of online inbound traffic. Added to that, as Instagram offers higher levels of engagement than most social media platforms, it is essential to create visibility.

  A Solid Competitive Edge

A survey recently showed that only 2% small businesses use Instagram and the fact that the number is so less means great competitive advantage for newcomers to Instagram. Businesses that integrate Instagram in their social media strategy are at a better chance of targeting their customers compared to those who are still depending on Facebook.

If you own a small to medium business, you need to startup with your Instagram account as soon as possible so that you have a competitive edge over other players in the industry. Once you have an Instagram account, you need to proceed towards keeping updated with the latest, and the most compelling content. Best of luck!

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