The Most Important Things Journalists and Content Marketers should Share with Each Other

After the collapse of the “old media model” thousands of journalists are schlepping around trying to make ends meet. One of the avenues that perfectly complement their position is content marketing. They have traded the traditional task of informing the public and holding people in power accountable to building brand awareness and marketing the products.

A number of these journalists consider the transfer to the content marketing field both rewarding and fulfilling. The reason is that these two fields have one key feature that unifies the two fields and fuses them into one. Writing attention-grabbing content is the one thing common to both fields.

In fact plenty of so called journalistic principles and methods have already permeated the content marketing field in recent years. Still both journalists and content marketers can still learn from each other and share certain tips that result in enhancing the quality of the content.

1. Attribute not the Just Link

Journalism school teaches that you have to properly attribute the data before publishing the report. Every phrase, quote and data has to be properly sourced and attributed using phrases like “according to …” and “As said by…” and so on. This is known as attribution in journalism.

Many content marketers make the mistake of linking the source without providing any background or source of the linked content. This forces the reader to click away from the source loosing the influence and authority of the written content. You should provide a background about the linked source in the content rather than linking it to the source. This ensures that the reader continues to read the content unperturbed thus raising the impact of the content.

2. Know Your Audience

Content marketers know that the content should perfectly tune to their audience. Smart content marketers are aware of the fact that writing is a private activity but a public affair. Before writing any article, eBook, blog post or webinar they find out about their target market. This helps make sure that the content catches maximum attention of the audience.

Most Journalists, however, have been guilty of remaining wary of their audience. Their content remains oblivious to the audience needs that do not properly capture the attention of their targeted audience. It is essential that journalists learn from their content market brethren about keeping the audience in full view while writing the news report. There are certain elements like using interesting adjectives and numbers in titles, conversational style, and clear and concise writing etc that grabs attention of the audience and makes it engaging for the readers.

3. Don’t Just Analyze…Report

Journalists are experts in the art of reporting. They report about news and events as and when they happen to the readers. Just glance over the latest newspaper report and you would find it rarely analyses news and events. Most of the content is just plain reporting of facts and events without blurring the reality with analysis and scrutiny.

Content marketers should learn this skill from the journalist friends that they should not indulge in unnecessary analysis while crafting the report. Sometimes it’s just better to report the facts and details about the topic rather than going deep down and providing your detailed analysis apropos the topic. Sometime deep analysis makes people yawn and diverts their attention rather than keeping them hooked to the content.

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