The Most Horrible Mistakes, E-Commerce Retailers can make during the Advertising campaign on Google Shopping

The internet giant Google has redefined online shopping experience for both e-commerce retailers and customers. Google shopping is a more retail oriented platform that generates higher level of qualified traffic for e-commerce retailers. Showing product information up front and just at the right time allows greater convenience for online shoppers. A report from RKG claims that the click through rates for product listing ads on Google shopping is 36% higher while the cost per click is 26% lower than AdWords text ads. This shows the extreme benefit of Google shopping platform for e-commerce retailers.

The main task of e-commerce retailers is to make the most effective product listings that increase the chance of higher conversion rates. In order to achieve this aim they have to get better control of how the product is displayed. More specifically e-commerce retailers need to determine which products displays more often and how they are displayed when users search for the product. Here we take a look at the most horrible mistakes e-commerce retailers make during the advertising campaign on Google shopping.

Not Specifying Negative Keywords

Most e-commerce retailers overlook the most important task in listing their products on Google shopping. They do not specify negative keywords to prevent Google from displaying the ad in response to irrelevant queries. This will not only decrease the CTR but also undermine the quality score of the listed products. It is essential that e-commerce retailers check customer request reports to find out about irrelevant keywords and add them to the negative keywords section.

Not Optimizing Product Images

Another important mistake made by e-commerce retailers is that they do not optimize the image of the listed products. Some even use images from the manufacturer’s website without modifying them to enhance their appeal for their online customers. This prevents them from making their products stand apart from their competitors’. Remember that the ideal size for the image is 600 * 600 pixels. In no case should the image size of the listed product be less than 250 * 250 pixels.

Overloading Product Title

One of the gravest mistakes made by e-commerce retailers for their product listings is that they overload the title with too much information. If the product title is filled with codes, numbers and other technical information, it may scare off potential buyers. It is therefore essential to add only the most important information in the title while adding additional information in other fields. Moreover, the product title should be less than 90 characters in length and should not include symbols, numbers, and codes.

Not Maintaining Good Data Quality

Finally not checking data errors is another serious mistake committed by e-commerce retailers in listing products on Google shopping. Issues such as redirects, faulty URLs, and 404 errors degrade the quality of the product listings. It is vital to ensure that the data quality is maintained and regularly update the fields to resolve any issues that may create a negative experience with online shoppers.

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