The Handiest Online Marketing Tools Able To Measure Your Success

The Handiest Online Marketing Tools Able To Measure Your Success

The companies that venture into the world of online marketing often fail to get the edge in the digital race. This is because a general approach towards search site marketing is more or less the same, e.g.:

• buy a domain;
• design a website;
• get a professional web writer to compose some web articles and develop blogs;
• get press releases written;
• list the company website URL in popular business directories;
• take all the actions mentioned above on regular basis except buying a new domain.

This eventually leads to a deadlock. Many SEO campaigns are started without any proper planning, that’s why the website owners do not know how to measure the success of their e-marketing campaigns. If you are about to optimize your website, here below is a comprehensive list of the handiest online marketing tools that can help you achieve good results.

Google Analytics

To find efficient site performance evaluation tools to carry out web traffic analysis is not as easy as it may seem. However, no other tool can be as precise as that one of Google. It is free to use with quite simple interface, yet one of the most sophisticated analytic tools ever launched. More than half of the top 10,000 websites use it regularly. You can track user activities on your website, find your web traffic sources, find out what web pages are the most popular among your visitors and get the statistical data right in your inbox.
Yahoo also has a similar tool, which shows almost the same kind of data. However, as far as profiling and customization are concerned, Yahoo Analytics is a tad more sophisticated than Google Analytics.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a subscription-based web analytic tool, which can be effectively applied to track what places on a web page are the most clickable. This way, you can analyze the usability aspects of your website and can edit or add new sections for making your site more user-friendly and attractive.
Many websites fail to capture web users’ attention because of lackluster design and usability issues. Still you can fix these problems by means of Crazy Egg, which is quite simple to set up and suitable for converting your site readers into buyers as well.


Optimizely is another pay-to-use web analytic tool, which is relatively young (launched in 2010) but is growing in popularity dramatically because of the advanced features embedded within. The service allows its users to conduct a lot of experiments with user interface. You don’t need to be a programmer to change the layout and the other design elements on your site. Anyone with little technical knowledge can use this tool.

Google Website Optomizer/SMM analysis tools

Google Website Optimizer is one more excellent service you may turn to when carrying out your digital marketing campaign. Social media marketing analysis tools are also available, both free and paid.

Apart from the above-mentioned services, webmasters and online marketers apply a lot of other tools and applications. Some tools fail to earn credibility points of its users, while the others become extremely popular among digital marketers. The main thing is to choose the most convenient for you service corresponding to most of your needs. So, let’s do it and share your experience in the comments below!

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