Some Value Added Marketing Strategies for New Businesses

The success met by a company’s selling efforts is scalable only when a constructive marketing plan works behind the process. Marketing concepts, by far, outweighs the budget if they are contributory to nature of your offerings. It has been a mystery for most startup and small-scale company entrepreneurs as to which is the marketing philosophy that blends best with a company this size. Luckily, there are quite a few concepts that can be chosen and put to play in order to deliver results. For a company that has just bud up, multiple ways can be adopted to bring it to the notice of the people.

Carpet-bombing Free Advertisements

When they see free advertisement, they do not mean free of cost, but it’s rather a moderation of the saying low cost. You just need a computer and a guy with an average talent in designing to initiate a marketing move. Prepare flyers and posters, avoiding the use of template designs. Once you have them in printed forms, drop them into the mailboxes of all premises, domestic and commercial that lies within a reachable perimeter of your locality. Aside highlighting your products and services, do not forget to add a free coupon or voucher as an introductory scheme to lure the buyers. Slam company posters in all public spaces, especially those that receive great impressions, like malls, supermarkets, discotheques, etc. Though both the concepts depend on hit and miss, you can magnify your chances by making the posters brilliant enough to get reasonable visibility. Newspaper advertisements and cold calling are other techniques that are low-budget marketing techniques.

The Product and Production

Marketing efforts should be enabled by high production of goods or services, low cost and wide mass distribution. In developing nations, the consumers generally assume that products coming from a particular established brand would be reliable, and so they don’t bother to inspect much into the quality of features of a product of necessity. The product should match with the customers’ orientation. To generalize, performance, quality and innovation are the three basic features that make a product appealing to any customers’ base. It is important for marketing managers to realize the market needs of a product rather than being in a steady love affair with their babies, ie., to say, their products. Over packaging

Vending Machines at Every Juncture

Station a vending machine near the crossing or any important point of the city that receives a large count of passersby every day. However, the spots should be decided by the kind of target audiences you have. Supposing that yours is a press that publishes a weekly journal for senior citizens,  congested traffic signal points might not be the best place to park a vending machine. Instead, a jogger’s park or outside the gates of a senior home would be a better place to advertise your products.

As a startup company your aim should be to make your company known locally. For this, you need to target the niche market, and gain the attention of the local consumers. Set your marketing strategies accordingly.

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