Some Fresh, Crispy Marketing Lessons from the Books

Marketing is a rather tricky subject where dynamism is the heart and soul of success. The last thing that works in marketing is a bunch of back-fence, worn out, stereotyped techniques that have proven to be explosives for the last generation. The market place is in a process of constant change and nothing works better than novelty in this game. Though marketing experts are constantly spinning new ideas and pitching them for use through open source that the Web is, there is never enough for sure-fire techniques. Since creativity is the driving element in this, one needs to refer to sources other than Internet articles in order to produce some effect through the endeavors. Here are some tips that have been procured from books that came to serve as the best marketing lessons ever to exist in the e-bank.

A Charged-Up Presence That Electrifies the Environment

The Web is a crowded place. There is no difference at all in standing among a group of circus performers dressed in clownish uniforms and existing in the Web with a hundred other companies of similar scale and size. You will not be noticed unless you are ready to perform your antics and show the world that you’ve got something better than the rest. Once you get noticed and continue to be so, the job can be considered half done in there.

Fans for Authors are Same as Loyalists for Concerns

An author survives depending on their popularity and the width of the fan base it keeps. Of the contemporary literature, authors like Stephanie Meyers, J.K. Rowling, Dan Brown and others have gained better prominence than the countless others because their books are blockbuster hits among their targeted readers. So, unless your company earns the support of a solid base of loyalists, your journey is yet to be started. Gather your fan base through social media sites, adverts, sanction of sweepstakes and giveaways, etc. in order to weave a good list of fans.

A Community Stands Stronger Than Individual Supporter

Just creating a base of fans or enthusiasts is not enough as long as they stand as independent individuals. You need to get them connected so that they thrive together as a community. A football match gets its exuberance element when thousands of partisans gather together and connect at the stadium infecting each other with the spirit. You need to give them a cause that will relate altogether, and give them a common identity. The support of such a community is many times worth that given by separated supporters.

Give Them Some Pickle

In the end, you need to think about your customers. You need to give them something that you can afford to give away without incurring loss or compromising your profit margin. Quite some years back when marketing was a concept in its nascent stage, restaurant owners introduced pickles to the table as a complimentary add on to the dishes order, giving the eaters something to be grateful to. So, whether you prepare a marketing project, or an advert, make sure it’s an eye candy, and something that would register easy and trigger thoughts.

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