Most useful video marketing tools

Video marketing is an essential tool to get your complex ideas across the best way to generate leads. It allows you to connect with your target audience at visual, audible and an emotional level, all the while projecting the human side of your business. Since videos have the power to captivate and engage, it can also bore the viewers to death or worse send the wrong message.

There are various time-tested techniques that can help you grab and hold the viewers’ attention. To create a compelling video mastery of video making tools is essential. Following are a few that can get you started.


A powerful video editing tool that specializes in screen capture. Screen capturing is an efficient way to demonstrate how something works. The program includes some great features that allows you to create an intro slide, highlight specific areas, add annotations, audio and cut the clip. It will take a little time to get familiar with all of its features but it is definitely worth your time.


This video editor falls under the category of borderline interactivity. It has several features that can be embedded into the video such as call to actions, forms and About us section to your videos. For example, if you published a promotional video and want to add a contact us button, it can be done. Viewbix works by adding apps to the videos; an example would be an about box, email subscription and survey forms.


This application automatically produces great looking, unique video clips from your photos, video clips and music. It takes a little experimentation to get it right, but adds a surprisingly professional touch when you do. This software is recommended if you have the resources available, such as quality pictures and videos; the outcome is heavily dependent on it.


This one is great if you would like to give your videos a more animated feel. If done correctly this app can give you the eyeballs you need. If you aren’t aware a custom made animation would cost a small fortune; Goanimate software is a close do it yourself alternative. Begin by selecting a template, back drop or theme, call it whatever suits you. Each will have its own characters, images and various other elements that will be used to create the video. Drag and drop elements, create dynamic sequences in this easy to use and fun tool.

Common Craft

This is one more way to tell your story using video. Common Craft uses movable paper pieces or white boards to communicate your idea. This is probably one of the best ways to take a complex idea, strip it down, and put it back together, making it easy to understand.


This software creates fun doodle videos where a hand draws out your idea with a marker. Certainly one of the best ways to create a unique and unforgettable video, but not the cheapest.

A video helps you show up in Google search results, and gets your brand noticed. However, it is important to note that short videos get more views. Viewers tend to lose interest in videos that exceed the 2-minute mark.

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