Learn From Success Stories: Effective Social Media Campaigns

Hitting upon the right strategies in marketing products and services ensures a smooth run in nearly all the activities that one is likely to lay his or her hands upon. But with different marketing activities being in focus these days, basic concepts of the field are not grasped properly. No wonder, those having a bit of marketing knowledge prosper at the end. Basically, marketing on social media platforms has changed dramatically in the last few years. 

With stupendous analytic options that are available for users to measure campaigns’ efficacy, these platforms are booming indeed. By adopting a role that is superior to many other media forms, various campaigns are now implemented across vast networks throughout the world.

The sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Flickr, and so on require no second mention, when it comes to talking about social media. These major networking sites have been linked with each other and brought in triumph for experts and budding ones alike by outdoing the competitors who didn’t make use of social media tool actively.

More precisely, the most successful marketing professionals were those who mostly preferred using social analytics rather than collected data being fairly large. According to the recently conducted poll, marketing professionals presented the following results:

  • 60% used analytic tools for campaign tracking;
  • 48% used analytic tools for brand analysis;
  • 40% used analytic tools for competitive intelligence.

Listening, creating goals, strategizing, using proper tactics and measuring performance are the basics when it comes to making certain campaign effective. Efficient marketing experts combine data analysis with their objectives and measurable goals. In the context of social media marketing, this is a wise decision indeed.

Just think of Facebook and the hype around it today. Even five years ago, there were few business pages on it. But the present statistics prove that the number of brands and networks that have linked to this site is beyond imagination. Generally, most of the blogs created for products or promotional events and many other web resources tend to link to Facebook, which represents one of the biggest social media platforms applied for marketing campaigns.

Huge successes of shaving creams, lotions, food products, election campaigns and many other products can be attributed to YouTube as well. Despite initial decline in sales figures, now this social media tool turns to be of great help when it comes to advertising. As a rule, Youtube marketing campaigns generate a lot of interest among commoners and media persona alike.

The same can be said about Twitter and the recent rage called Instagram, all of which brought along technology in-house making efficient use of data “à la mode”.

As for now, it’s time to learn from the victory masters!

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