marketing automation

Key facets related to marketing automation processes

When it comes to a creation of good profiles for a certain audience and using targeted marketing messages for them, the tool called marketing automation proves a powerful one. Basically, marketing automation is a process that emphasizes on four core areas of marketing campaigns; namely defining, scheduling, segmenting and tracking.


An essential part of customer relationship management (CRM), the process helps serve in the following ways:

  • • Creating a segmented customer database
  • • Increasing revenues by decreasing expenses
  • • Reducing time that is spent on repetitive tasks
  • • Developing and executing effective marketing campaigns
  • • Offering greater insight into the target market
  • • Monitoring campaigns’ performance at every stage of sales cycle

And many more

Critical aspects and features

In the contemporary marketing scenario, certain strategies work wonders in offering an increased profitability, overall sales growth and customer loyalty. If you are looking to fulfill such objectives, take a look at few critical aspects when developing a good marketing automaton strategy:


An effective marketing automation system is that which has a workable strategy. Visitors on a website are valuable if adequate information got can turn them into solid leads.


With cut-throat competition looming large in a fast-paced environment, getting prospects’’ attention can be highly challenging. During these circumstances, attraction tools like social media marketing; search engine optimization and powerful content works manifold in generating sufficient web traffic to the website and putting products and services before potential clients.


Nurture campaigns are necessary for bringing leads down the sales route towards a purchasing decision. With CRM systems, achieving a better understanding of leads and building quality campaigns is indeed possible. Also, these campaigns constitute email marketing, media content, phone calls, blogs, workshops, direct mail and other varieties.


Even if nurture campaign aspect of marketing strategies increases lead conversion rates; conversion of prospects into sales warrants a separate zone demanding attention. Advanced conversion rates demand good CRM systems, effective sales team and well-organized marketing methods; failure of which can result in terrible loss of money and sales opportunities.


Strategies for automaton in marketing will cease to be effective if it fails to deliver upon its promises. When a client feels to make a purchase, there must be ease and reliability when delivering exactly what the client needs. If communication suffers a sudden jerk here, there is inevitable loss of business prospects and often, negative word of mouth.

-Up sell

Up-selling aids in the capitalization on sales to get the maximum possible gain. Adding this wonderful aspect in the process of marketing, especially the nurture campaigns, will help promote another important service or product pr even a webinar to a potential customer’s interest. This is also a great way of reducing marketing efforts.


For those keen to get returns on marketing investments, referral marketing proves effective. From expanding sales processes to lessening the overall investment, this is a highly recommended aspect in marketing automation processes.

It is said that 2103 was the year of content marketing and the current year is turning to be the one meant for marketing automation. How far this holds true, is left for all to see.

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