Important Fashion Trends and Hacks Modern Male Marketer Should Know

From mistakes like letting our underwear become our outerwear, we, as marketers, make many fashion mistakes and they are understandable. Who would understand the pressure behind meeting deadlines, optimizing search engines, or coming up with catchy titles for the new products! In the midst of all these marketing related activities, it is quite easy to overlook your appearance. This is why we have put together a list of some of the top important fashion trends and hacks which every modern male marketer should know!

#1- Don’t Let Your Underwear Become Your Outerwear

So you are obviously wearing underwear right now, right? No one wants to see it. But you might also be wearing underwear under your shirt. That’s right; the shirt you are wearing under your shirt is also underwear. Many male marketers go for the non-optimized look of wearing their underwear on the outside… it just doesn’t look optimized you know. If wearing your underwear on top of a full collar shirt, your underwear is showing not your shirt, which is not how it is supposed to be.

#2- Rolling Up Your Sleeves Can Show Off New Colors

Are you a fan of rolling up your sleeves? If not, you need to start up. Many designers and men’s shirt makers are putting in additional hidden details inside the shirts and these details don’t need to be completely hidden. You can look inside your sleeves; ‘wow’ doesn’t that look interesting? The inside of your cuffs is normally a lighter shade of the color on the outside. Try this hack out if you wish to put up an interesting, fun look!

#3-Details Can Make Fashion Fun

When was the last time you changed your hairstyle? When did you change your watch? All these details aren’t just details; they can be messed around to come up with stylish looks. Play around with your glasses; why not go with contacts? Have you ever tried a brown belt? Why not try that? Isn’t that what we do? We as marketers should try to be as unique in our marketing efforts, right? So why not put that to the test with our accessories and fashion details.

#4- Breaking In New Shoes- Try This Trick

You might have come across many guys who are like “I just got these new pair of shoes but I left them at home because I will have to break in them, that’s why I got my old pair of trusty sneakers on!” – Well, been there, done that. However, this blog here is going to let you in on a deep secret taken from hikers. The easiest way to break into new shoes is by wearing two pairs of socks, on top of each other. This will automatically expand your shoe slightly to help you break in, and it takes a week at tops to do the trick!

These are some Important Fashion Trends and Hacks the Modern Male Marketer Should Know! Stay tuned for more!

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