How to make your Backlinks more “natural”

If you are unfamiliar with term backlinks – also known as “inbound links” – it is a link on any other website that directs traffic back to a page on your website. This type of linking is important because it refers new traffic to your website, and it is measured by Google. The search engine judges a site’s popularity and ranks it accordingly in search results. It also keeps updating their algorithm to sniff out any backlinks that are shady.

Building natural backlinks to strengthen online presence and to rank higher on search engines is essential to every business. SEO specialists study and test these methods to improve rankings and backlinking is one of the primary tools at their disposal.

Follow the tips bellow to keep your website’s backlinking as natural as possible.

Vary the anchor text
Using the same key word in an anchor text and descriptions to build backlinks isn’t a good idea. It is better to shuffle the key words, give complete URLs or even images as anchors. Not every website will link back to you in the same way, so it’s wise to give affiliate websites and bloggers some options.

Informative and problem solving content
If I come across a blog post on your blog that solves an issue I was facing , I might be compelled to link back to that article in the near future. Similarly, if I want others to link back to my content I should be informative and helpful as well.

News Updates
Websites that regularly publish latest updates regarding a particular topic are more popular among bloggers and other websites. There aren’t many websites that can deliver fresh news, and if you manage to do so then backlinks will flow in without any effort.

Share path breaking information
You know it’s the information age when there are multiple sources sharing the same articles. Over a thousand blogs provide the same travel guide for example. Nevertheless, if you create creative, fresh, and groundbreaking content it will attract backlinks. Old content won’t be linked back to as there are already a lot of them for you to get noticed

Backlink Inner pages too
Don’t just try to link back to your homepage, give some attention to your inner pages too. This will show Google that your content piques the interest of those that visit you website.

Avoid automated link building systems
These are automated backlink builders that use third party software to create fake profiles and tools that create barebones website that link to scrapped (plagiarized) blogs. Any affiliation to such methods only tells Google you are actively seeking links to popularity. This can only hurt your website as Google ranks these websites lower.

These are some very effective methods to generate backlinks to your website. However, it is important to understand that increasing your website’s ranking and overall popularity via natural backlinking is a gradual process that takes time. Clients may pressure you for more immediate results; quoting “Rome wasn’t built in a day” will be your best bet.

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