How to make money online

The internet is a doorway to whatever you want it to be. Most people use it to scroll through their news feed on Facebook, check emails or stream their favorite shows on Netflix unaware of the many lucrative opportunities internet has to offer. Students are using them as an addition to their allowance, housewives earning a decent living and entrepreneurs making six figures.

It’s no rocket science, there are many ways to earn online and in this article we are going to discuss a few popular ways to do so.

Quick ways earn online

Buy and sell domain names
Domain names are valuable real estate and many people make a respectable living buying and selling them. The trick is to use Google Adwords to find and purchase keywords that are trending and selling them when someone requires it.

Conduct online surveys
Online surveys are conducted to gain data for research and development on a product or service. It won’t generate as much money for your, but it will help when you need quick cash.

Transcribe audio
These jobs are regular, as more websites are creating audio transcripts for the hearing impaired. This is a low paying job, but it’s easy and doesn’t require much time.

Enter contests
There are many free contests online you can take part in, such as designing logos. Submit your entry in as many contests as you can. Of course, you won’t earn anything unless your entry wins.

Earn through online marketing

Affiliate marketing
This method involves having your own website and redirecting traffic to someone else’s site to purchase their products or service. Every sale that is generated through your website earns you an affiliate sales commission. This can be done on a part-time basis, and many are so successful that they have made this their full time job. Earnings are directly proportional to the energy you devote.

Conduct webinars
These are simply seminars conducted online. If you are an expert on a particular subject matter that people would pay to learn about, you can create and record a seminar and sell them online. Of course the video has look and sound professional.

Earn through content publishing

Freelance as a designer
If you have a knack for designing, it is very easy to find design related work on websites such as Elance and oDesk. Depending on the nature of work these jobs pay quite well, handsomely if you are an expert.

Freelance as a developer
Front-end developers are in demand all over the world; if you have this particular skill set you can make a living working from your couch.

Sell articles
Websites can be designed and developed, but they would still be incomplete without compelling content that is its soul. Many businesses need good written content smoothly optimized for keywords to generate traffic to their websites. At the start you won’t earn as much, the articles are 300-500 words which are a snap to write. As you become more experienced you can begin to charge more for your work.

The diversity of the options available to make money online are obvious. One just has to take a few tutorials and discover their niche to make money online.

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