How Parallax Scrolling and SEO Interact With Each Other

Parallax scrolling has seen a rise in popularity recently because of its pleasant aesthetics and functionality. Since the main purpose of creating websites or designing web pages is to generate higher viewership, concerns about parallax scrolling being compatible with SEO services have come to light in terms of usability and SEO maximization.

What is Parallax Scrolling?

Parallax scrolling is used in computer graphics to create a perception of depth by moving and fading the background images much slower than the foreground image. It was generally only used in videogames, but has since gained a high percentage of consumers and popularity in all forms of web designing. Parallax scrolling provides designers with a canvass to combine usability and beauty with and the person scrolling with an easier and more manageable web experience.

So how do the two interact?

One-Page Websites

Most sites that use parallax scrolling have a one-page web design that encompasses most of the functions and content of the site on the home page, making it essentially an entire website on one web page.

·        Traffic

This makes the page very heavy, and takes a longer time to load which means site visitors are much more likely to leave it for other sites that open faster because high speed internet is coveted for a generational reason. Therefore such sites are considered less likely to generate high traffic.

·         Keyword Ranking

Because the whole site is basically one webpage, it means that the search words will be concentrated in one place and you will be unable to link to some of the specific content. This lack of keyword dilution leads to a low overall keyword ranking, which is basically the fuel that runs an SEO.

SEO Web Architectures

Because of the setbacks of the one page sites, the misconception exists that SEO and parallax scrolling are completely incompatible. This isn’t true.

Parallax scrolling designs can be SEO through the use of intelligent web architecture and the usage of multiple URLS. This helps to avoid the problems caused by the one-page web sites and retain the high quality design standards that prove to have many other beneficial factors.

User Engagement

One of the most important aspects that both web designing and SEO have in common is generating user interest in the web site that the search engine finds. User engagement, therefore, turns out to be the sought after ticket here.

As mentioned earlier, parallax designs can be absolutely beautiful and enchanting. That is the reason for their popularity. That, and their easy to use scrolling functions.

·         Time Spent

Data collectors measure a site’s popularity by attempting to calculate how much time is being spent on a site. If that is an accurate indicator, then pages with parallax scrolling are a great fit for generating higher consumption periods.

Parallax designs help to captivate attention through aesthetics and provide a better form for storytelling. By acting as a portal of sorts that keeps going, parallax designs transform visiting a website into an experience, ensuring a longer attention time span.

·         Shares

Because such pages are popular with the site visitors, they are more likely to be shared on social media profiles to generate high user traffic and potential viral status. This provides a more ostentatious social media presence attracting even more potential site users, thereby being extremely SEO compatible.

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