How Often and Why You Need To Rebrand Your Social Media Accounts

In today’s fast-paced world where the flow of information has increased tremendously, you can quickly lose visibility and followers over your social media accounts. To tackle this, you need to upgrade your brand strategy, one that can result in skyrocketing number of followers on your different social media accounts. You might have created your social media outlets when you first started your brand, and since then many other competitors have stepped in and probably have to offer the same products that your company has to offer. The only difference you can make is through rebranding your social media accounts, which will enhance your brand’s visibility and exposure to newer prospects that are untouched.

Why you need to rebrand

There are several determining factors that might get you an idea of when and why to rebrand your social media accounts:

New Brand Name or Slogan

If you have coined a new brand slogan or name for your business, you will need to update your social media accounts to make them reflective of your newly assigned brand name. The new name should be subsequently changed over all social media accounts that your company had been previously operating; changing your Facebook profile name, twitter handle, moving your blogs to a new vanity URL; and setting up your Google+ account.

New Line Of Business

When your company is preparing to expand its business or introducing a new range of products that are relatively less cohesive to the existing brand image you’ve held across social media, that’s when you should start rebranding your social media accounts and make your audiences’ aware of the newly introduced products. With that, you might also feel the need to make some design changes, and eliminate those that have become outdated. This is a common practice when any business decides to make its transition around new products.

New Audience

As your brand evolves into a more dynamic product and with the increasing number of followers on your social media accounts, it will be necessary to add new value to your brand. This can be done through social media rebranding which will attract audiences’ from different backgrounds, and it will also increase your brand penetration across social media. Remember, you need to maintain a degree of interactivity with your followers at all times to give them an immersive experience of your brand online.

Brand Unity

Often times, when a company decides to enhance its outreach across other countries (Offering product delivery services over internet), rebranding is required to promote a sense of brand unity across its social media accounts. It helps consolidate your products and services across multiple social media accounts, and lets your customers find a central platform to know everything about your brand.

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