How Сan Link Building Interact With Content Marketing And What It May Result In?

Both link building and content marketing are similar in the sense that they increase traffic and improve website’s online visibility. Link building generates traffic by linking a website to high authority sites while content marketing generates traffic by providing rich quality content that is useful for readers and inserting website links into the content. Burgeoning online traffic draws search engines’ attention and thus increases website search ranking.

Nevertheless the purpose of link building and content marketing is the same, they achieve it differently.

• On the one hand, link building aims at increasing authority and ranking of websites for targeted keywords by placing a website link on high traffic websites. Search engines in turn welcome this type of activity a lot, thereby increasing the rank of the linked website.

• Content marketing, on the other hand, aims at increasing traffic and enlarging audience of the website by means of properly applied keywords. It tries to capture online audience who search for information using specific keywords. Content marketing grows the authority of the brand by generating increased website. The main objective of content marketing is to provide content that informs, entertains, and surprises and ultimately increases authority (popularity) of a website.

Tango Between Link Building And Content Marketing

Link building and content marketing happen to be the perfect couple to make your online traffic get higher and higher with every passing minute. Link building pushes  online traffic up by linking a website to high authority sites, while content marketing charms online users with beautiful words and enchanting language. Both link building and content marketing are needed to boost online traffic and improve search engine rankings of websites.

However, you should know that search engines are now putting more emphasis on quality content rather than link building. With the launch of the Google Hummingbird update in 2013, quality content now matters even more than link building. From now on search engines look for the content that audience requires more than that one conforming to their algorithm. Thus, websites’ key priority is to focus on content rather than keywords to get higher web search ranking results.

As it was already mentioned above, link building hasn’t become obsolete. The main point here is that online business owners should not neglect content marketing while working under an SEO strategy to increase popularity of websites. To cut a long story short, both these aspects value much and are able to improve visibility and traffic results of your website.

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