Freelancing Mistakes that can Cost you Dearly

If you are an experienced freelancer, chances are that you might already have made a lot of mistakes. However, if you are new to the scene you may have not have made many mistakes yet but probably will in the long run.

The reality is that making mistakes is part of human nature. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all make mistakes – that is what makes us humans.  Some are insignificant and small, while others are large enough to ruin our lives with ease. The only way to avoid mistakes is to learn and get advice from the sages. Sages like us who will reveal to you top freelancing mistakes that you should avoid if you want to remain forever successful in this field.

Never Saying “No”

One of the most common mistakes that freelancers make especially when they are new to the scene of freelancing is never saying no. The inability to say no results in accepting every request of the client, which is just bad business. You should realize that you have to give proper time and effort for all of your clients. For that, it is essential to say no to clients who are extremely demanding that will result in diversion of your time and effort away from other clients who are paying you well. You should say no to a few clients rather than risk losing your core clients who pay you the most.

Not Screening Prospective Clients

Another serious freelancing mistake is not having a screening process for clients. It is vital that you examine the clients properly before taking on their work. You should filter out clients who are extremely demanding with their briefs or request tasks that are not worth what they have paid for. This way you can save problems later on in not fulfilling your client’s needs or taking too much time on the client’s projects thus ignoring other essential projects.

Not Meeting Deadlines

Not meeting deadlines is a grave freelancing mistake that can cost you dearly. When you commit to a deadline, you must deliver within the time. When committing deadlines it is essential that you accommodate for a slack like having a cold, computer crashes, or other emergencies that may crop up unexpectedly. However, once you make a deadline you should commit religiously to it and deliver the work within the timeframe.

Not Getting an Agreement in Writing

Last but certainly not the least a significant freelancing mistake you can make is not getting an agreement in writing relating to the terms and conditions with your clients. Sometimes an email is enough while sometimes you need to send a written contract to your clients stating the terms and conditions in black and white. An agreement can save you a lot of time and effort later.

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