Essential Knowledge & Skills to Be a Good Copywriter

There are many myths surrounding what is needed to be a great copywriter. Some believe it requires a way with words; others think that you need to be marketing savvy. Copywriters are responsible primarily for working closely with clients to create promotional copy to achieve strategic objectives. Copywriting may also include writing copy for ads, articles, and web.

Writing prowess is required to get the message across to your target audience, but it seems now that becoming an effective copywriter isn’t just about raw writing ability anymore. Thank you Google! We are now required to develop and master several more skills to stand out from the crowd.

Passion for Information

Like a journalist, a copywriter must have a thirst for information; hunting facts about a product or service until we understand it completely. In general, we have to sell to customers via our writing and a successful salesman knows the product, customers and competitors inside and out.

Ability to Write Well

It’s amazing how many people believe good writing skill is not all that important, which of course is utter nonsense. A good handle on grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and other literary devices is fundamental.

Marketing and Advertising Principles

It is quite essential to have knowledge of the inner workings of marketing and advertising. As the copywriters nowadays coordinate closely with the marketing team or members of the project team, knowledge in these areas is paramount to work smoothly and consistently.


Copywriting for ads is routine, but often in this line of work, basic design knowledge can come in handy. Sometimes, while brainstorming, ideas can only be communicated visually or by creating rough mock-ups for sharing your point of view with clients, designers and other members of the team.

Content marketing

Content marketing is an essential skill for all copywriters. We are expected to write about informative and useful articles, not just copy. As copywriters, mastering the art of generating inbound links is important to provide information and marketing. We can be requested to write about anything at anytime – on any subject. Brushing up on good journalistic techniques will help us create content that informs and entertains.


Search engine optimization(SEO)

When writing for the web, a deep understanding of how our work is processed by search engines is an essential. Understanding how Google ranks your pages is a vital skill, as this allows you to rate your work and your client to see the rank of his website.

An experienced copywriter will be expected to optimize his copy for SEO while the copy itself should remain interesting and readable. A bad one will pay no attention to SEO requirements or might just cram words into the copy. Such conduct is marked by Google as black hat techniques; the marked pages are then blacklisted by Google’s algorithm, ranked into oblivion.

Computer Skills

If you plan to make a living through copywriting, typing and basic computer skills would be essential to productivity. If your typing skills need some work, you can easily get a program that will teach you to be proficient at it within weeks.

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