Create great ideas for blog posts

Writer’s block, blank screen, taunting cursor.

What to write about, is the topic interesting enough to publish. We have all been there.

It is a bit scary at times publishing new content into the world. Afraid of what our peers might say about our work, worrying if it will be good enough, anticipating negative responses or even worse.. no response at all! This thinking forces us to suppress ideas, choking creativity. Throwing it all into the basket at the top left corner of the screen. This is why we’re often left staring at the computer screen not knowing just what to write about.

To work our way around this blockade, we are going to look at some tried and tested ways to come up with blog post ideas, even when you feel like you’ve got no creativity left to give.

Compile an idea file

You never know when inspiration might strike, on the bus, during a boring commercial, or in my case just when you are about to fall asleep. With just a little prep work you can have at least a few topics on hand when you sit down to write. Maintain an excel sheet on dropbox or notes on your smartphone, something easily accessible at a moment’s notice. As soon as brilliance flashes, note the idea down. This way you will have a list to refer to when you sit down to write.

Become an avid reader

One of the surest ways to come up with ideas is to read more than you write. Read the blogs of people that inspire you. Use apps like Feedly to subscribe to your favorite blogs. Check into these blogs at least once a day to stay updated. Use the ideas that are working for others; a lot can be learned from the success of your peers and competitors. Don’t steal their content though, that’s not cool.

Audience Suggestions

‘Instead of going out in search of ideas let the ideas come to you’!

Crowd sourcing is one of the ways to get new ideas with unique perspectives, just read your own comments section. If someone is kind enough to give a positive feedback ask for suggestion on what they would like to read, it sounds simple but remarkably very few people do it. If you hear people talking about you on Twitter try to get the most out of it, communicate!

Google it!

Did you think you are the only one, that others have it easy? Many have come down this perilous path, some conquered whereas others failed. Just Google blog post ideas, if you have a specific area in mind throw that into the keywords somewhere. Here are a few we found worth checking out.

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The Blog Post Topic Generator

Follow trends

Choosing a topic isn’t that hard. Find out what’s hot right now, there are quite a few ways to do so. If you want your article to be read by many, it is important to first know what people are actually searching for.

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