Can your website have a positive impact on your sales

Back in 1995 when a new business was launched, it went ahead and applied for a slot in the Yellow pages. It’s now 2014 and I’m guessing you haven’t applied for the slot because even you know nobody reads those paper towels now days, and you haven’t got a website either. How do you plan to drive people to the front door of your business? It’s no secret that more than 80% of the world’s population is now online and more are logging on every day, people nowadays prefer to Google through businesses online in the comfort of their homes. It is only logical to either keep your business a secret or you and your business should go online and make a name for yourself.

It will save time

As a business, it expected that every customer is going to ask the same question every time. You can put up company bio online and ask the customer to check the website. However, do not make the mistake to forget the power of a face-to-face, the relationships you can build with potential clients or customers. Building trust and rapport with is essential. However, time is a precious commodity and other aspects of the business require attention as well.

  • ● You can also improve you advertising effectiveness, target specific geographical and demographical areas.
  • ● Easy to access new customers and their information
  • ● Easy to use and updated


It will save you money

There is a generalized misconception of business owners that creating a website will be very expensive. No matter what your budget, there will always be a website and a developer that will fit your budget, in any case having a web presence is better than having none at all. Professional designers will build your website keeping your business, goals and what you are looking for in mind, and developers will optimize your site so that is responsive to smartphones and search engine friendly.

  • ● Save printing and distributions and costs as well
  • ● Set up email-address
  • ● Save money on stationary informing your client’s a change in location
  • ● Extending your local reach within the city with a lot of effort of budget


You can showcase your products

Having a website is like having a shop open 24/7 for potential customers. They can visit your website to look over photos, product samples. Also, remember that all websites are easily convertible to ecommerce stores, allowing your customers to order online to be delivered to their homes.

  • ● Promote and sell products and services
  • ● Two way communication with clients and customers
  • ● Building your business reputation
  • ● Providing customer service


If you are seriously considering stepping your business up a notch, or even expand. Building and strengthening your web presence should be of utmost priority. It’s a race to modernization those that aren’t running, it isn’t too late. Your competitors are already there, available at a moment’s notice, claiming the market share for themselves.

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