Back-to-School Spending Gets Bigger with Compelling Marketing Campaigns

The back-to-school season, which is right after summer vacation, is the time when retailers with successful business strategies experience good sales. Research studies have revealed that November is the second top selling month when marketers get an opportunity to generate brand awareness, thus developing a wide base of customers up to the end of the year.

The close of winter holidays and beginning of the session is the second of the highest consumer-spending time-period. According to the annual graph, the back-to-school expenses of the people with average income increase every year.

If you’re aiming to better your back-to-school campaigns to engage more shoppers into buying your offerings, then there are some selected strategies that you can implement to make this more effective.

The first thing to do is maximum utilization of the time that you have. However, time for sales depends on the product one has to offer. Office supplies are best sold at the beginning of holidays while August and September are the best time for selling clothes. However, if it is November, then people are best pressed for stationary supplies like copies, papers, pens, pencils, etc. as long as exams period starts soon. Hence timing is important to target buyers with the kind of products they are purchasing at the moment.

The second important strategy is reliance on technology. Gadgets have influenced and radically changed shopping habits of average buyers indeed. Today’s moms prefer to make their purchases online, and the only way to make your school-themed campaign more effective is to launch it online. Mobile-optimized sites improve shopping experiences and the only way to appeal to more than 50% of buyers is to allow access through electronic devices.

The next compelling thing regarding marketing campaigns is a kind of deals offered for the supplies. Big purchases should always be accompanied by discounts and special offers, to make it easy for buyers to purchase things they need, even though they have limited budget. The best way to make your customers loyal is to give them exactly what they’re looking for. Another way of making customers come back for more is to run contests, issue coupons, offer exclusives, etc. This will help you attract more “fans” and get a number of references over time.

Another great way to address your target customers is to direct your selling efforts to the kids, who have a great influence over buying decisions. Research study says that moms are generally influenced by their kids aged between 6 and 17 and thus their purchase decisions partly depend on what their kids want. Your marketing techniques should appeal to kids, if not to parents, so that they initiate the idea of the purchase. If your website is regularly visited by a great number of social networking sites’ fans, then this back-to-school season will certainly be well-rewarding for you. Visitors will surely share your page and this will encourage others to make purchases voluntarily.

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