8 Steps for Better Development of your Google+ Account

It’s not an understatement when we say that Google has taken over our lives by storm. We search online using Google. We put our documents in Google drive. We communicate with others using Google email. And we even socialize online using Google+ account.

Google+ is the most recent social media platform that has now become the second largest networking site after Facebook with 540 million active users. If you are a business owner or marketing professional, you should understand the power of the social media platform in expanding the reach of your business.

Here we will provide you 8 simple steps to better develop your Google+ profile and avail maximum benefit from one of the best online social media platform.

Note: The following tips provide guidance on how to benefit from enhanced features of Google+ for better development of your Google+ Account. It is not intended as a guideline to setup a Google+ account, which we presume you already know.

Step 1: Use Google+ Hangout for Video Promotion

Google+ hangout is a video chat system within Google+. You can perform a group video chat with up to 10 users at a time. You can also allow others who are in your circles to view the group chat from their own Google+ profile. Apart from video conferencing, you can also use Google+ hangouts to promote your services using video ads as an effective way communicates your business mantra to others.

Step 2: Expand your Circles Using Google+ Communities

Google+ also allows you to expand your circle using Google+ communities. You can access Google+ communities from the drop down menu on the left hand screen of your Google+ page. There are thousands of communities in Google+. You can search for the community where your future followers are likely to hangout.

When you click on the communities, it takes you to the news feed. On the left hand side you can view the number of members of the community. Click on this and start expanding your social circle to extend the reach of your profile.

Step 3: Create a Google+ Event

If you have any custom event lined up to boost your online business, you can send customized invitations through Google+ events. This invitation can be sent to anyone who has a Google+ profile regardless of whether they are in your circle or not.

Step 4: Publish Posts to Your Google+ Page Automatically

If you are already using Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you should publish that content automatically to Google+ posts to keep your audience engaged. There are various tools that allow you to publish your posts from these social media platform to Google+.

Step 5: Link Your Website to Google+

You should also place a link of your website on the Google+ profile page. Linking your website to Google+ allows you to gain maximum traffic from your Google+ account.

 Step 6: Enhance your Posts Using Animated Gifs and


Google+ is one of the most visual of online social media platform. You can use videos and pictures to enhance the appeal of your post. Unlike other popular social media platforms (except Pinterest), you can also post animated gifs that do not need to be clicked to play. This allows you to grab attention of the audience and provide a great way to promote your services and messages to your social circles.

Step 7: Optimize Google+ Title Tags

The title tag of your Google+ profile is the first thing users will notice when they visit your Google+ page. You must write a catchy title that creates a good impression on the users.

Step 8: Claim your Custom URL for Your Google+ Page

Finally, if your Google+ page is older than 30 days, have more than ten followers, and have a profile photo, you can request a custom URL for your Google+ page that matches your brand. Custom Google+ URL makes it easier for others to share and discover your Google+ page.


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