6 of the Most Important SEO Skills for Everyone Who Thinks They are an SEO Pro

Search engine optimization has changed a lot from just a decade ago. Back then, the only skill required to rank higher in search engines was copy/pasting. You just had to copy and paste keywords thousands of times to different websites, which resulted in your website ranking higher in the search engine page.

Fast forward to today and the onslaught of Google animals (panda, penguin, and hummingbird) have completely changed the way websites are ranked in search engines. In order to leverage on SEO as a marketing tool, it is essential that you know advanced SEO skills that results in ranking higher on search engines. The following are five of the most effective SEO skills for everyone who thinks he or she is an SEO Pro.

1. Effective Use of Social Media

The foremost skill that every SEO professionals should possess is the effective use of online social media platforms. Search engines favor websites that are popular among the masses. Optimizing your social media profiles and listing in Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will result in a boost in the search engine ranking of your website.

Marketing tools are essential to know advanced SEO skills that result in ranking higher on search engines. The following are five of the most effective SEO skills for everyone who thinks he or she is a SEO Pro.

2. Basic HTML Coding

You need to have basic HTML coding knowledge to optimize websites for SEO. Basic html coding knowledge will be extremely effective in on page optimization of the website that would result in getting it on top of the search engine ranking. Specifically, you need to know how to create SEO friendly meta tags, title tags, H1 tags, image alt attributes while incorporating the keywords relevant to the website.

3. Mobile Marketing

Unless you have been living in a cave, you should have realized by now that Smartphones and tablets have become essential part of life for most people. It is therefore essential that you join the mobile revolution and optimize the website for mobile.

The website should have a quick load time in even the slowest of mobile phones. Moreover, the fonts, titles, and website layout should also accommodate the mobile screens. This will significantly decrease the bounce rate that negatively affects search engine rankings.

4. Effective Copywriting Skill

After the most recent Google hummingbird update, high quality content is the most important factor to rank high in search engine pages. The importance of relevant and high quality content cannot be emphasized enough for raking higher in search engines. You need to possess effective copywriting skills to create high quality, engaging posts that incorporate keywords related to the website.

5. Know how of Taxonomy Design

Taxonomy simply means the classification of things at the concept level. For example, if you want to sell paper products online you may want to organize the products around product types or uses. A strong taxonomy design lays the foundation for other important elements like content development, keywords research and information architecture.

6. Keyword Research Skill

Keyword research skill is still the most effective skill that every SEO professional should posses to boost search engine ranking of websites. Through effective keyword research, you can find out those hidden keywords that are not yet optimized for ranking. Ranking for keywords that are not yet optimized (low competition) allows you to bring the website to the top page of the search engine results within just a matter of weeks.

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