10 Most Frequent Mistakes Brands Commit On Facebook

Facebook is currently on the lips of pretty much every individual, enterprise, and establishment, but the number utilizing it to its full potential is far less. Facebook has become the cornerstone of social media marketing. No longer just the place for finding long lost friends, the social platform has evolved into a very important tool that has tangible impact on a business. A good amount of strategic planning and human resource is required to get the desired effect, but the planning aspect is scarce as more and more businesses are just diving into it without the slightest clue as to what they’re doing. Facebook is no place for such blunders, well, big ones do get shared and laughed at which doesn’t work out so well for the person who made it. We have compiled a list of frequent mistakes brands make when trying to employ Facebook as a marketing tool.

  1. 1. Lacking original tone

Everyone is a little different; certain characteristics that set them apart from others; a peculiar wit or unparalleled honesty that you often notice in people around you becomes the defining aspect of their personality.
The same goes for the tone in which brands communicate on social media. Every post a brand makes on their wall, every picture they upload, must be in line with the company’s marketing vision.

  1. 2. Text-only posts

Posts that consist of just text appear quite dull to readers as compared to visual posts. The rules of social media marketing dictate that you have to grab the customers’ attention and reel them in to take action. Visual posts with bright colors and relevant elements have the power to entice a user within seconds, as compared to a text post. Text, no matter how clever or funny, won’t have as great an impact.

  1. 3. Engaging then ignoring

Brands on social media have the ability to respond firsthand to the views, ideas, and complaints of their target audience. It’s downright ludicrous to ignore a follower when they respond to posts. Yet it’s being done nonetheless, and that is after spending so much time and energy in getting the followers to engage with the brand in the first place. Make it a point not to leave any queries unanswered; this ultimately builds your following and promotes trust.

  1. 4. Unclear branding

When making a Facebook page for your brand, you have multiple ways at your disposal to strengthen your brand image. Use a clear display picture as it will appear everywhere it is mentioned. When posting, remember that your post must uniquely apply to the brand, as it is sharable. If its text, clearly mention your brand, and if it’s an image, incorporate your brand logo somewhere.

  1. 5. Bad timing

It takes more than silly memes to grab the attention of Facebook users. Yes, the post should be visually appealing, creative, and witty, but what it requires to go viral is timing. The best time to post on Facebook is on weekdays in the afternoon (keep your audience’s time zone in mind though). As work winds down, more people log on to Facebook.

  1. 6. Wasting visual real estate

Your display picture and cover picture on Facebook is your brands visual real estate. It greets visitors and takes up a quarter of the screen. It’s imperative that this space is utilized to its full potential, like a billboard, by adding creative and inviting pictures befitting the brand.

  1. 7. Over-posting

According to the study, ‘The social break-up’, over-posting is one of the main reason behind un-liking a brand on Facebook. The platform compiles nearly every aspect of a user’s life on their social profile; this results in a crowded timeline. Two posts per day is considered enough at peak hours; go for welcomed quality not annoying quantity.

  1. 8. Expecting results fast

What most hard-headed businessmen fail to understand is that social media campaigns are like any other marketing campaigns, only a bit slower. It’s important to realize beforehand social media marketing requires time and patience to build a lasting relationship with your customers and be careful not to make the mistakes mentioned in this article and others that did not make the top ten.

  1. 9. Mobile optimization

Many people now use Facebook only on their phones. The app works as well on the phone as on any browser. This brings an aspect into the equation which many brands are failing to adapt to: screen size. Posts with a lot of text are unpopular, so are images with text that is too small to read. Visual appeal and readability should under no circumstances be compromised; the littlest thing makes the biggest difference in the long run.

  1. 10. Linking unnecessarily

Avoid leaving a text link while sharing. When sharing a link, Facebook automatically generates a thumbnail and a short description. This makes sharing the text of the link redundant and repetitive.

Start doing it the right way.

I have mentioned the 10 most frequent mistakes. You might be able to get away with some of these mistakes but it leaves an undesirable impression on your followers. The next time you create a Facebook post, revisit this page, it just might be what separates you from the crowd.

(Image: https://dribbble.com/shots/1023259-Big-Thumb-Little-People?list=searches&tag=facebook&offset=6

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